Our Tour is Over…Time to Go on Tour!

Finally back home after a long, hot, sweaty, noisy, sticky, stinky, sunburned, dirty, dehydrated, drunken and all together awesome Warped Tour 2013! We had an amazing time! Reel big thanks to everybody who came out to see us play, checked us out while they happened to be there or glanced in our direction as they waked by during our set! Glad we could make some new fans and friends! And thanks to all the Warped crew for making it all happen and to Kevin Lyman for letting us play our 5th USA Warped tour since 1997! Next up: South America in Oct., USA tour w/ Goldfinger in Nov. (dates up soon) and then We hit the UK in 2014 w/Less Than Jake and Zebrahead! See ya soon and Don’t Stop Skankin’!

Check out this video for “Everyone Else is an Asshole” from our latest album “Candy Coated Fury”

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